College and Graduate School

Application Materials

Is the pressure of writing your application essay paralyzing you? Word It Wisely LLC recognizes that whether you are applying for college, graduate school, or a scholarship, an awful lot is riding on it! Most people find it daunting to have to write an essay about themselves, as so many colleges require. Praising others for their talents and abilities is easy, but how often do you inventory your own? And once you do, how much is too much? Too little said and an essay may fall flat; too much said and an essay can seem boastful, even annoying to prospective readers.

Word It Wisely LLC is here to help you find the application “sweet spot.” We will work with you to explore your best ideas, themes, and topics. We will help you to brainstorm when you are coming up empty; we will help you to find your voice when you have lost it; and we will help you to express yourself in materials that reflect you honestly and at your best.

Lisa De Sanctis of Word It Wisely LLC has been through the competitive application process herself. She is a graduate of both the University of California, Berkeley and Berkeley Law, ranked 21st and 9th, respectively, in the country by U.S. News and World Report. She is ready to help you through it, too.

Word It Wisely LLC appreciates that the needs and goals of each client will vary. We use a personalized approach and begin by assessing your specific situation. For college and graduate school applicants, we offer individual brainstorming, resume, and essay packages, as well as a complete package, with 15% savings.  Other packages may be available.  Call us today to discuss your needs:  (855) 888-EDIT.  

Payment methods and schedules are discussed and agreed upon in advance of services.    

Hourly service rates are calculated to the nearest 15-minute increment. Please call for package and hourly rates:  (855) 888-EDIT.


How long have you been working on your short story, novel, or non-fiction manuscript?  Are you suffering from manuscript fatigue? Are you too close to your document to view it objectively? After so much writing and re-writing, you may have made point-of-view, stylistic, or other errors that will stand out to a publisher and distract a reader from fully appreciating your work.

Word It Wisely LLC can help you catch those errors before they do damage. Your masterpiece deserves a final polish before it is subjected to the critical eye of a publisher.

Academic Articles

Nowhere is the well-written word valued more than inside the walls of academia.

Are you a professor who stands to gain a substantial summer stipend if you can just get your next piece published? Are others too busy to give you the detailed feedback you need? Would you like to clean up your work-in-progress before you get feedback from your colleagues—the very people who, one day, may be voting on your promotion or tenure?

Let Word It Wisely LLC help you push through the abyss and put you one step closer to your goals: publishing, tenure, or perhaps a job at a more prestigious institution. Lisa De Sanctis of Word It Wisely LLC has published her own academic work in the Yale Journal of Law and Feminism and is ready to assist you with your next publication.


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E D I T I N G   S E R V I C E S 

Web Content and Other Promotional Materials

Are you a small business owner trying to attract customers through your website, newsletter, or other promotional materials? Nothing says “unprofessional” like typographic, grammatic, or stylistic errors in your business materials.

Let Word It Wisely LLC help you draft content or comb your current text to ensure that your marketing materials are free of distracting mistakes and deliver the powerful punch you intend.

W O R D   I T   W I S E L Y LLC    

Writing Samples

Including Legal Memoranda and Pleadings

Has your potential employer asked you to submit a writing sample? Will your current writing sample represent do you justice?  

If you are a law student or law graduate, nothing will get you a rejection letter faster than mistakes in your writing sample. Word It Wisely LLC will help you not only to eliminate errors but also to strengthen the quality of your legal writing.

Lisa De Sanctis of Word It Wisely LLC has practiced law in California and Washington, D.C. She has served as an award-winning deputy district attorney in Ventura, CA; as a litigation clinic professor for George Washington University School of Law; and as an associate for Pillsbury Winthrop LLP, a national, top-100 law firm. Lisa also worked as a senior career advisor for Pacific MeGeorge School of Law for many years. As a career advisor, she edited application materials for hundreds of law students and spoke with hiring attorneys about what they were looking for most in the applications they reviewed.

While your career advisors and professors undoubtedly offer you assistance, when it comes to writing samples, they may be unable to provide the detailed editing attention you need in the timeframe in which you need it. Word It Wisely LLC is ready to work with you one-on-one and at a moment’s notice. We understand that even if there is no deadline for submitting a job application, it is often the first qualified candidate to submit materials who will land the prized job or internship.

Job Application


Do you dread writing a cover letter?  Most people do.  It’s true that quality cover letters are tough to write, and that poorly written cover letters make great material for office humor.  However, a cover letter is a job applicant’s point of first impression, so it presents important opportunities that are not to be missed. Cover letters offer job applicants a place to showcase their writing abilities and describe their talents. Word It Wisely LLC will help you do just that—make your best possible case to prospective employers with clean, tight, persuasive documents that you feel proud to present.

In today’s tight job market, employers commonly require supplemental materials, such as questionnaires, writing samples, and essays.  Employers face overwhelming numbers of applicants for each opening, so more than ever, they are looking for any reason to exclude applicants from consideration. After working with Word It Wisely LLC, you will welcome the opportunity to provide supplemental materials with your applications, because you will know that set you apart from other applicants.

Unlike many editing services, Word It Wisely LLC will make sure that your final products authentically reflect you. We don’t use a resume or cover letter bank. We will work with you, elbow-to-elbow if you like, trying different writing styles, persuasive strategies, and specific wording, until you love your documents.

Word It Wisely LLC works with applicants at every stage of the application process. We are ready to assist you whether you are staring at a blank page or need a final proofreading.

Lisa De Sanctis of Word It Wisely LLC has helped hundreds of job applicants, and she is ready to work with you.